Lighting and Magnification

LED Headlight | $195.00

Bright white light where you need it.

Magnification Lens | $35.00

Magnification lenses for the LED Visor

Dual LED Headlight | $249.00

Dual LED Headlight for Equine Dentistry

AA/100V LED Headlight | $295.00

Battery-operated LED headlight with 110V transformer and 10-foot cord

2.5X Surgical Loupes | $595.00

2.5X Surgical Loupes with Safety Frames

Portable Woods Lamp | $39.95

This portable woods lamp allows the user to diagnose many skin conditions such as fungal infections.

200 Lumen Headlight | $65.00

Brightest LED headlight with focusable spot - operates on 3 AAA batteries.

Flexible Egg Candler | $37.50

Candling Without Handling! The MDS Probe-Lite is an invaluable tool for the Aviculturist in determining the viability of eggs in an incubator or in the nest box, without touching.

Portable LED Lightsource | $195.00

200 Lumen LED Flashlight for Endoscopes

Halogen Light Source for Endoscope Illumination | $495.00

150 watt Halogen Light Source for endoscopic illumination