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iPhone/iPod Touch Endoscope Adapter

A convenient tool to attach your endoscope to any iPod touch or iPhone (iPhone 5 to 7+)

MDS Veterinary

MDS Incorporated has been an affordable source of unique and quality endoscopes for the Veterinary Marketplace since 1972. Our full line of lighting, optical and video equipment is used by Veterinarians as a powerful diagnostic tool, saving time and money through the technologies developed for and with help from our customers. Our systems are by far the least expensive of their kind in the marketplace and have applications for large and small animal practitioners alike. Do more in your practice to generate revenue in your practice with help from MDS Incorporated. Keep watching this website for the latest developments in endoscopic, video and lighting technologies as they become available. All of our products have a full 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects and all products are returned to us for service.