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FM-1.9X6 | $1,795.00

The MDS Micro-Endoscope (FM1.9X6) allows diagnostic capability in areas of the body that are usually inaccessible. Although designed to aid in the placement of endo-tracheal tubes in small mammals (see video), this endoscope can be used for cat and dog rhinoscopy, otoscopy and cystoscopy. This diagnostic tool provides a crisp, clear image and is adaptable to any video system and lightsource (please specify your brand). Thanks to Dr. Brieger for his kind comments regarding this endoscope - "Dear Bob, I had the first opportunity today to work with the equipment purchased from you last week- intubated a bunny without any problems and operated on him using the loupes over my glasses- again no problem whatsoever. Thought you might like to know...Thanks again!" Andreas

Andreas Brieger, DMV, GPCert(ExAP)

10 rue St-Jacques

Chambly, QC, J3L 3L4


For specific information regarding the use of this endoscope in intubating rabbits, please see below:

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